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Can pain relievers cause #hearing loss?

Can pain relievers cause hearing loss? Hearing loss caused by pain relievers?
By David Sittenfeld

  • Study: Women who regularly take ibuprofen or acetaminophen more likely to go experience hearing loss
  • Researchers found that taking the drugs just twice a week increases the risk of hearing loss by up to 13-percent

Women who regularly take ibuprofen or acetaminophen are more likely to go experience hearing loss, researchers suggest in a new study of more than 62,000 women. Read more »

Katie Leclerc of ABC’s ‘Switched at Birth’ has a #hearing loss just like her character. Great to see more actors are not afraid of their #hearingloss

Katie Leclerc of ABC's 'Switched at Birth' has a #hearing loss just like her character. Great to see more actors are not afraid of their #hearinglossKatie Leclerc shares a lot with her character on ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’
Both deal with hearing loss and don’t like to reach out for assistance – if they can help it


Daphen (Katie Leclerc) tries to bond with her new boss (Manish Sayal) on ‘Switched at Birth.’

Katie Leclerc has more than one thing in common with her character on “Switched at Birth.”

Besides the fact that both suffer from different degrees of hearing loss, they also both have trouble asking others for help. Read more »

Great #hearing #healthcare tips everyone should follow!

hearing aidsNew technology helps conquer hearing loss
By: Ronnie Boling

Hearing issues today affect 31 million Americans, nearly one in 10 citizens. Hearing loss is the third most common health issue among adults, behind hypertension and arthritis. And since, by nature, hearing problems only get worse with age, the problem is only going to become more significant. For everyone.

But being hard of hearing doesn’t need to be a problem at all in this day and time. Thanks to some incredible advances in hearing research and hearing aid technology, few Tennesseans should have to suffer an untreated hearing problem.

For instance: Today’s hearing aids contain computer chips providing digital Read more »

Even Olympians have #hearing loss! So don’t be afraid to get your hearing checked

Even Olympians Have Hearing Loss Hearing loss won’t hold back U.S. Olympic diver

When U.S. Olympic diver Chris Colwill talks on the phone, he hears just fine. When he’s hanging out with friends or teammates away from the pool, there are rarely communication problems. But when he steps to the 3-meter springboard, where he hopes to land his first Olympic medal in London, the game changes.

Colwill was born with 60 percent hearing loss. When he dives, he can’t wear the hearing aids that allow him to hear at an 85-90 percent level. When the whistle blows announcing the next dive, Colwill doesn’t hear it.

“He can hear the applause,” his coach, Dan Laak, told Yahoo! Sports. “He knows when the announcer’s announcing his dive. He can’t hear his name. He can’t hear the actual dive being announced.” Read more »

iPod children face permanent hearing loss by age 30!

iPod children face permanent hearing loss by age 30Warning falls on deaf ears
By: Michelle Paine 

A GENERATION of iPod children face permanent hearing loss by age 30, says Hobart hearing expert Maria Brown.

The Deafness Forum of Australia has warned that hearing loss in young people is often ignored.

It said this week, Hearing Awareness Week, that more than one in five Australians aged 15 and over had some form of hearing loss.

Mrs Brown, who owns several clinics, said she was shocked at the number of school-aged children permanently damaging their ears through iPods and iPhones. Read more »

Scientists discover why some have noise induced hearing loss and others do not

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Study: Certain People Are More Susceptible To Hearing Loss
By Julia Little

What causes hearing loss has long been a debatable subject, but a new study sheds light on one factor that may make some individuals more susceptible than others. The study, published in the FASEB Journal, found that an already-known protein also works to protect the ear from permanent noise damage.

Scientists from Germany and Canada found the protein, called AMPK, spurs a mechanism that helps to protect the sensory cells in the inner ear – these are the ones that are damaged during acoustic noise exposure. Read more »

Those struggling with a hearing loss should know, they are NOT alone and restaurant situations are always challenging even with hearing aids

Sound Bites

“NO one told me it was going to be this noisy,” says a young woman who is going deaf in Nina Raines’s play “Tribes.” If you have a hearing aid, the world is, paradoxically, far noisier than it is for a person with normal hearing. The human ear is a miraculous thing. It can filter out the roar at Madison Square Garden while homing in on the voice of the person in the next seat. A hearing aid can’t do that. The only way to really filter out noise is simply to turn it off.

Americans are increasingly aware of the dangers of noise, the single largest cause of hearing loss Read more »

One in three baby boomers experiences hearing loss!

Hearing helpers make life better
By: Joyce Davis

Dr. Christine Russell, left, examines the hearing of patient Jan Harvey. Russell is a doctor of audiology at Hearing Rehab Center in Fort Collins. Staff at the center says older adults — especially men — should have their hearing checked at the first sign of problems.
The message is loud and clear, but are you hearing it?

Research shows that hearing loss, when untreated, can have a negative effect on the quality of your life, including family, friends and your job — especially if you’re a man.

Of the 26 million people in America with hearing loss, 15 million of them are men whose hearing loss goes unaddressed. The condition affects 15 percent of baby boomers and one in three seniors — Read more »

Toys may damage your child’s hearing! Check this list to know what toys can put your hearing at risk

Noisy Toys May Put A Child’s Hearing At Risk
By: MedicalNews

While Road Rippers Lightning Rods, Let’s Rock Elmo and the I Am T-Pain musical microphone might be sought-after gifts this holiday season, parents should ensure that their children don’t risk permanent hearing damage by misusing them.

Researchers from UC Irvine’s Department of Otolaryngology measured the noise levels of two dozen popular toys in stores and purchased the 10 loudest for precise gauging in a soundproof booth at UC Irvine Medical Center. They found that all exceeded 90 decibels and several reached 100 or more, equivalent to the noise of a chain saw, subway train or power mower.

“Generally, toys are safe if used properly,” said Dr. Hamid Djalilian, associate professor of otolaryngology and director of neurotology and skull base surgery. “We tested the sound levels at the speaker and again at 12 inches, which is about the length of a toddler’s arm.”  Read more »

Men are more reluctant to address their hearing loss but they should remember these important things…

Hearing Loss in Men

The Place for Better Hearing promotes National Men’s Health Week

“Men are often reluctant to address hearing loss,” DeWine said. “But what many don’t realize is that hearing loss is associated with several chronic diseases and affects virtually every aspect of a man’s life—from relationships and intimacy to job performance and earnings. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t ask their patients if they have any hearing problems. So it’s important that we call attention to men’s hearing health today.” Read more »