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Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can happen at any age. There are a variety of factors or combination of factors that can cause hearing loss:

• Excessive noise (i.e. construction, gun shot, music concerts, etc.)
• Sudden onset
• Infections
• Injury to the head or ear
• Aging (Presbycusis)
• Congenital conditions
• Hereditary/Genetics
• Disease
• Repeated ear infections
• Wax build-up
• Trauma to the head or ears
• Tumors (acoustic neuromas)
• Auto-immune conditions
• Chemical/toxic damage to the ear (ototoxicity)
• Abnormalities of the tiny bones of the ears
• Reactions to medications and cancer treatments (i.e. antibiotics, chemotherapy, radiation)

If you have or suspect a hearing loss, choosing a hearing healthcare provider is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to improved hearing.

One of our specialists can sit-down with you and go over you particular situation/circumstance.

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Causes of Hearing Loss